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Eagle, Pricecutter, and MLCS: What's the Difference?

Eagle America is now "The World’s Router Bit Source". We now have over 2,000 router bits for you to choose from. If you need it, we’ve got it! Our goal is to be your one stop shop for everything router – router bits, router accessories and routers themselves.

We are pleased to now offer MLCS brand bits as our NEW source of high-quality, top-value imported bits. We are gradually phasing out the Pricecutter line and replacing them with MLCS equivalents. Rest assured these bits are comparable quality to the Pricecutter line, from another family-owned business with over 30 years providing quality tools for woodworkers.

So what’s the difference between Eagle America bits and MLCS/PriceCutter bits? The short answer is where they are made. The longer answer shows you there are more differences between them but we know that no matter which brand you choose you will be happy. We have plenty of repeat customers who are loyal to one brand or the other, or choose Eagle America bits for some applications and MLCS/PriceCutter bits for others. You can see a quick comparison of each in the chart below or more details about Eagle America bits here and MLCS/PriceCutter bits here.

Eagle America Bits MLCS Bits
BIT BRAND Eagle America Pricecutter IS NOW MLCS
ORIGIN USA Taiwan / China
Super Micrograin C2, C3, C4
Micrograin C2,C3, C4
CARBIDE THICKNESS 1/16" (.060") to 1/8" (.125") 1MM (.039") to 3MM (.118")
DIAMOND HONE 600 grit 400 to 600 grit
WARRANTY Lifetime 3-Year
PRICE Competitively priced with other high quality USA and European made brands Competitively priced with other value brands made in Taiwan / China
OUR TAKE These are the bits that started the company, the ones that we are the most proud of. They are the highest quality American-made tools you will find and you will love their performance. Perfect for professionals, serious home hobbyists, tool enthusiasts and tool collectors. These bits deliver excellent cuts at a lower price point as they are the highest quality Taiwan/China imports you will find. Perfect for the price conscious woodworker. If you are not sure if you want to invest a little extra for a bit that is Made in the USA, or if you are not sure how often you will use a particular bit, MLCS would definitely suit your needs.
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For a more detailed history of the Eagle America / PriceCutter / MLCS business relationship, click here.