Why Our Bits Are THE BEST

Eagle America is "The World’s Router Bit Source". We now have over 2,000 router bits for you to choose from. If you need it, we’ve got it! We also offer "the best of both worlds"-- top-quality bits made right here in the USA (Eagle America) and high-quality imported bits perfect for a hobbyist's budget (MLCS). However, a vast selection of bits is not good enough in our opinion. Quality cutting tools are too critical to the success of a project which is why we only offer you a vast selection of the best bits in the business.

How We Know Our Bits Are the Best

  • Our customers say so all the time. There's no better endorsement than that of fellow woodworkers.
  • Painstaking care in manufacturing and quality testing
  • Peer-reviewed by the Pros. Fine Woodworking rated an EAGLE Bit "Best overall"

Author's Choice "Best Overall" Router Bit

--Fine Woodworking, May/June 2007, Issue #191

The author evaluated the same style of bit from 18 companies. They chose this style of bit because it makes a concave cut, a convex cut and two sharp corners. The strictly controlled test cuts were then blindly rated by four different editors looking for the best cut quality. Eagle America Bit #171-2605 received an "Excellent" rating and was awarded the Author's Choice "Best Overall".

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