Why Eagle America Bits Are Best

  • 1 Precision ground carbide to +/- .005 tolerances & Balanced to speeds in excess of 25,000 RPM for true, chatter-free running
  • 2 High hook and relief shear angles with wide open gullets for easy chip ejection
  • 3 Single-piece, SOLID STEEL Bodies, not just a mere sand casting
  • 4 Finest Micrograin Carbide up to C-4 grade with tips up to 1/8” thick for longer life
  • 5 17 precise quality control ensure that you are getting the best bits ever made!
  • 6 Shielded, high-RPM-rated bearings have special lubricants for mar-free routing
  • 7 Carbide honed with a 600 grit diamond wheel to a razor sharp mirror finish edge
  • 8 Solid, void and pit free brazing with no paint or other coatings to hide imperfections
  • 9 Steel is heat treated up to 3 times, and tested up to 45 RC hardness to guarantee against breakage
  • 10 Precision-ground shanks

Your router is only as good as the bits you use. Eagle America bits are top-quality. We offer a huge selection, top-notch service and value. For over 30 years, we have been specializing in the design and manufacturing of professional quality router bits.

We carefully select the finest grades of micrograin carbide, up to C-4 grade and 1/8" thick, to give you more sharpenings and longer tool life. These tips are then Tri-Metal, void free, brazed to solid high quality machined tool steel bars that have been specially heat treated and tested to 45 RC hardness for extra strength and durability. We never use the pre-cast bodies that are so commonly found among hardware store and building center brands.

Our bit designs feature high hook and relief shear angles to slice and plunge through the wood, as well as open gullets for fast and easy chip removal. Eagle bits are then precision ground with up to +/- .005" tolerances on state of the art CNC, Multi-Axis grinding machines. Our bits are then properly precision balanced for chatter-free running, and honed with a 600 grit diamond wheel which gives you a smooth mirror finish with a razorlike sharpness for faster, cleaner cutting and longer tool life. We use only the finest new, shielded, high RPM rated bearings with special lubricants. The finished product isn't just a router bit...it's an EAGLE AMERICA Router Bit!

Our dedicated staff has but one goal in mind, To Make the BEST! And to do this, we put each bit through 17 precise quality control checks to ensure that you are getting the finest, safest router bits ever made. Your 100% total satisfaction is our guarantee!

So give them a try. Join the thousands of other satisfied woodworking professionals who have made Eagle America their first choice!

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