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Frequently Asked Questions




Q: I thought all of your Router Bits were Made in the USA. Why offer MLCS/PriceCutter bits if they are made overseas?
A: Eagle America was founded in 1988 with the goal of providing woodworkers with the highest quality, American-made router bits they could find. We still stay true to that goal today and Eagle America brand bits are our lead brand, they are what have gotten us to where we are today. That being said, our customers started to ask us for a lower priced alternative for a number of reasons. Even though they asked, we resisted in the beginning because we did not want to sacrifice the quality of the tool. Over the course of time we were able to create a high quality bit we were proud of, enter the PriceCutter name. To see a more complete history of how Eagle America and PriceCutter came to be, click here. In today’s economy we understand that people need options. They need the ability to pick and choose where they spend more money and where they need to save. We wanted to give you, our woodworking friends, the ability to meet both of those needs with regards to router bits at Eagle America. We want to be your one stop shop for everything router – bits, accessories and routers themselves. Thanks to the addition of MLCS/PriceCutter bits, we now do this!
Q: What is the difference between Eagle America and PriceCutter brand router bits?
A: There is a long way to answer this question and a short way to answer this question. First and foremost, the short answer. The quality of both brands are the best in their competitive niche, so you are comparing the best to the best. For example, Eagle America bits are the best professional quality router bits you will find when comparing them to others that are Made in the USA or imported from Europe. MLCS/PriceCutter bits give you the best quality of cut when comparing them to other bit brands that are imported from Taiwan and China. To see the longer answer, with more details comparing Eagle America and PriceCutter bits to one another, click here.

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Q: I want to buy a product from you, but I don't know the part #. How do I find it?
A: There are three easy ways to locate products on our site. First, use our Product Search Feature (top left of the site) to find anything you need. You can search by part number or product description. Simply type in the information you have and see what the site comes up with. Second, you can also click through our product categories found on the left side of our site. We have separated all of our products into easy-to-use sections based on the primary use of each item. Finally, you can try searching through one of our special online catalogs. This is a very fun feature that lets you flip (or search) through our most recent print catalogs. Be advised, the online catalogs do not contain every item we have to sell but only those items which were selected for inclusion in that catalog printing.

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Q: What is Catalog Quick Order? How does it work?
A: Quick Order makes it very easy for you to order on-line out of your paper catalog. If you have created a shopping list out of your catalog and want to order on-line, simply type the part number in the Catalog Quick Order box and click "Go". If you would like to order more than one item click the "order multiple items" link and you will be directed to a form that accepts up to eight items. Once you have submitted one of these forms you are ready to begin checkout. The Catalog Quick Order screen will notify you if you mistype a part number or if the part number you requested is not available on-line.
Q: I'd like to order some items from your catalog but I can't find them on your website, what should I do?
A: Use our Catalog Quick Order form. See the question above for an explanation of this functionality.
Q: Do I have to Register to shop on your site?
A: No you don’t have to register, you can use our Guest Checkout option. However, we do suggest registering, it will make your next stop to our website that much easier. Just log in and your information is there (bill-to and ship-to addresses, previously purchased items for easy reorder, Wish Lists and more). Our site it completely secure which means your information is safe. As an extra added layer of protection we do not store your credit card number in your account. You must enter that every time you place an order.

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Q: What are your current shipping rates? Can I get Express Delivery?
A: You can see our current shipping rates and policies by clicking here.
Q: I live outside the USA. Do you ship orders internationally?
A: Yes we do! You may browse this website, place items in your cart, and place an order. Our shopping cart will now display accurate charges for International shipping right in the shopping cart. (Shipping cost is subject to offline verification and our Customer Service wll contact you if there are any changes before shipping your order.) Most International orders ship via USPS Priority Mail International or DHL International. Please note that all prices on our website are in US dollars. Also, your purchase may be subject to duties and taxes from your local government. Eagle America cannot be responsible for these charges and we encourage you to check with local authorities PRIOR to ordering.
Q: Can I track my order on-line using this site?
A: Yes. You can track orders submitted ONLINE ONLY on our Tracking page. You will need your Order Number, E-mail address from the order, and zip code for verification. You will also receive an email shipment confirmation that will list the method of shipment and tracking number when applicable. You can then log in to the respective carriers' websites to track your package online. You can also email or call Eagle America Customer Service and we can provide you will any/all the tracking information that we have for your order.
Q: I ordered an item from the site that was backordered, how will it be processed?
A: Nobody hates backorders more than we do. We try our hardest to forecast product demand and to have what you want on the shelf. At times, due to a seasonal rush or over-demand, we do have to incur backorders. One of the features of our website is the ability to share inventory status. Many times a day (Monday through Friday only) we update inventory status on the site. If an item is backordered, there will be a message next to the line item telling you it is backordered and, if it has already been ordered, when we expect it in stock. For up to the minute inventory status you can contact Eagle America Customer Service. So, feel free to order items that are on backorder. No need to worry about paying for it now, as with all orders we take we only bill you for an item when it has actually shipped.

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Q: I am stumped! Can you help me figure out how to make this tool work?
A: We will try our best to walk you through it. You have two choices. First, you can email your tech question to us at tech@eagleamerica.com. We answer technical emails during regular business hours, Monday - Friday only. Please allow approximately 1 business day for a response. Second, you can call the Eagle America Customer Service Department and we will either answer your question or find someone who will.

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Q: What is your product warranty?
A: Your satisfaction is our top priority. To see complete details on our product guarantees, click here.

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Q: Why won't my Username and Password work?
A: We launched our new website on 5/6/2009 and we were unable to copy user names and passwords over to the new platform. This means that everyone will need to create a new account on the new site or use Guest Checkout to make a purchase. Creating an account is quick and easy, we suggest giving it a try!

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Q: What is your policy for returns or exchanges?
A: We are not satisfied unless you are. If for any reason you have a problem, simply return the items with a copy of your invoice. Please follow the instructions on the back of the invoice. Ship to:

Eagle America
c/o Returns Department
2381 Philmont Ave Ste 107
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Please allow 7-10 business days to process your return. Returns of non-defective merchandise as determined by our staff are subject to a 10% restocking fee (minimum restocking fee $2.00).

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Q: How do I know what you do with my personal information? Am I safe ordering from you?

A: It is very important to us that you feel safe and secure shopping with Eagle America no matter how you place your order with us. The Internet brings a whole new set of questions to people's minds regarding the use of their personal information. We promise you that we will always be open and forthcoming with regards to what we do with any information that we collect from you on any customer contact. This section of the site will always be updated if any policy were to change. Following are our current privacy policies.

Information you provide us:
When you place an order with us you provide us with all of the necessary information to bill you and to ship your order. This typically includes your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. As stated, we need this information to ship your order, but we also need the ability to contact you pertaining to your order if necessary. You may also provide us with similar information if you are requesting a catalog or signing up for our e-mail newsletter.

How we use this information:
From the time of your order or catalog request we will use that information to plan on the best way to contact you in the future regarding future catalogs and e-mail messages. We occasionally make part of our mailing list available to other carefully selected and reputable companies whose products or services might be of interest to you. We do not make e-mail addresses available. You have the ability to control this. At the time you place your order with us you can tell the Customer Service Representative over the phone that you do not want your information shared. You can also make note of this when checking out online.

To see our complete Privacy Policy, please CLICK HERE.

Q: How do I know if your website is secure? Is my credit card information safe on your site?
A: The information you provide to us (name and address, your password, credit card numbers, etc.) is transmitted across the Internet using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This means that all of the data is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by any third party. In most browsers, a padlock or key icon tells you that you're connected to a secure Web site.

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Q: Do you have any router safety tips you can share?

A: We sure do! If you follow these tips you are on the road to a safe workshop.

  • Always wear eye and ear protection.
  • Always use properly sharpened bits.
  • Never use bits that are dull or damaged.
  • Shank must be completely inserted into collet and then backed-off approximately 1/16".
  • Don't "bottom-out" bit in collet.
  • Never partially insert bit into collet. Tighten securely and recheck periodically for possible slippage or "run-out" due to wear.
  • Keep collet clean and replace if worn.
  • Never start the router with the bit in contact with wood.
  • Always feed your work in the proper direction against the bit rotation.
  • Don't force feed the bit or overload your router, Feed at a constant moving speed to avoid burning the wood.
  • Do not face tool's discharge when operating.
  • Always unplug router when changing bits or making adjustments.
  • Use a router table and fence whenever possible.
  • Make sure your work piece is properly secured and use push blocks, sticks and featherboards whenever possible.
  • Keep all your bits, bearings and assemblies clean, lubricated, and securely fastened. To avoid damage, store them properly in a pouch, box or tray.
  • The bigger the bit, the lower RPM recommended (see chart).

Suggested Router Speeds:

Bit Diameter Max Speed
up to 1" 24000 RPM
1-1/16" to 2" 18000 RPM
2-1/16" to 2-1/2" 16000 RPM
2-9/16" to 3" 14500 RPM
over 3" 12000 RPM

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