MLCS Amazing Router Bits

We are pleased to offer MLCS brand bits as our NEW source of high-quality, top-value imported bits. MLCS is a family-owned business with over 35 years providing quality tools and service to woodworkers.

MLCS brand router bits are designed to meet the needs of cost-conscious woodworkers without sacrificing the quality of cut.

These bits are the highest quality bits you will find from Taiwan or China, giving you an excellent cut at a lower price. We wouldn't have done it any other way, our reputation as the router bit leader depends on it.

It all starts with high quality steel for consistent hardness and strength, never a casting.

The basic shape is milled from one solid steel piece and computer balanced.

Chip limiting anti-kickback flutes are cut into the body.

Micro-grain carbide tips are induction brazed onto the flutes.

Carbide tips are precision ground and honed to a 400-grit finish.

After final milling and threading, the bearing is attached, the bit is packaged and ready for you.

15 Good Reasons to Buy MLCS Router Bits

  1. Depending on the profile and function of the bit, we use C-2, C-3 or C-4 micrograin grades with tips up to 3MM (.118") thick for longer cutting life.
  2. Anti-Kickback safety designs are used in bits that are 3/4" in diameter or greater.
  3. Bits are milled from solid steel bodies and are precision ground by CNC machines to tolerances of +/-.005.
  4. Bits are computer balanced in excess of 25,000 rpm for true and vibration free running.
  5. Bodies are heat treated for strength and durability.
  6. Carbide tips are diamond honed up to a 400-grit for a mirror finish with razor sharp edges.
  7. High hook and shear angle designs are used to allow the bits to slice through the wood for a clean, fast and chatter free chip removal. Superior performance.
  8. Shanks are precision ground and polished.
  9. New sealed and shielded high performance ball bearings are used with special lubricants, not recycled.
  10. Every step is quality controlled to maintain the high standards that we have set.
  11. Non-stick PTFE coating applied to prevent pitch and resin build-up.
  12. Quality made by trusted manufacturers.
  13. 3-Year product guarantee against defects.
  14. Large Selection - that will satisfy both professionals and hobbyists.
  15. PRICE - These bits are up to 70% less then you will find elsewhere.

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