Shaper Cutters

Shaper Cutters

A woodworking shaper machine is only as good as the Shaper Cutters that you put into it. Our MLCS Shaper Cutters will make you smile when you see the clean, smooth finishes that they produce thanks to their razor sharp edges.

Each shaper cutter features:

  • Precision ground steel bodies
  • Special coating to prevent rust and resin buildup
  • Three wing anti-kickback design

Just like a router and its bits, a shaper is only as versatile its shaper cutters. Eagle America is proud to offer you one of the widest selections of woodworking shaper cutters on the market. See shaper cutters for door construction, edge forming, glue joints, molding, flooring and more. In addition we offer the rub collars and t-bushings that you need to get the job done as well as a great, educational book on shapers.

Wood shaper cutters have never been better than this. Ours have been contractor and professional tested, we know you will love them. Try ours today!

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