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Pocket Holes

Pocket Holes

Pocket hole joinery, or Pocket Screw Joinery, is once again sweeping the woodworking universe. In essence, pocket hole joinery involves drilling a hole at an angle into one work piece and then joining it to another work piece with a screw. Only one hole to drill to mate two pieces of wood, no hard math or complex measurements required, just an easy joint to make! What's not to like about a pocket hole joint? It's a strong, sturdy, reliable joint that is very easy to make thanks to the wide selection of pocket hole jigs, pocket hole systems and pocket hole machines. They make cabinet building and the creation of butt joints quicker and easier than ever before. Simply use one of our pocket hole jigs to drill your tapered holes, insert your pocket hole screws and you have a clean, strong, professional butt joint without the need for glue. Whatever your woodworking skill level or budget, we have a pocket hole tool that will satisfy your needs.

We are very proud to be a full-line Kreg Tool dealer, the renowned industry leader in pocket hole technology. That means you have access to all of the famous Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs and machines right here at EagleAmerica.com.

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