TOTAL Tool Care Value Package

A Triple Play Cleaning Solution
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TOTAL Tool Care Value Package

Combo Package #400-0021 Includes:

  • Blade & Bit Cleaner 8 oz. #400-0027
  • Rust Free 8.45 oz. #400-0024
  • Boeshield T-9 12 oz #400-0026.

BLADE & BIT CLEANER: Removes resin, gum and pitch from saw blades, router bits and all cutting tools. Apply by thoroughly wetting surface, allow to penetrate 1-2 minutes then wipe dry. If the tool is rusty, use RUST FREE after BLADE and BIT then protect with BOESHIELD T-9. 8 oz. pump bottle. USA

RUST-FREE: Heavy duty rust and stain remover. A few sprays is all it takes to remove even the most stubborn rust and stain build up on steel, iron, stainless and galvanized steel, chrome, fiberglass and even ceramic tile. Non-toxic, bio-degradable and non-flammable. Metal surfaces can then be painted or coated with our T-9 Metal Protectant to prevent further rust build-up. 8.45 oz. USA

BOESHIELD T-9: Penetrates deeply to seal out moisture. Specially formulated waterproof metal lubricant developed by Boeing Aircraft Co. that deeply penetrates metal pores and forms a protective barrier against rust build-up for up to 12 months. Non-fluorocarbon, ozone safe. Dries to a thin wax film in minutes to displace moisture and loosen rusted metal parts quickly and easily. Ideal for maintaining and storing hand tools, power tools, automobiles, marine equipment, or other items in your shop and home where moisture is a problem. No silicones to interfere with finish. Safe for most painted surfaces, plastics and vinyls. 12 oz. pump spray. USA

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