Spiro Crafter Design/Inlay Kit by MILESCRAFT

Create thousands of unique patterns and designs with your router!
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Create beautiful patterns quickly and economically with exacting repeatability. Allows you to create thousands of patterns and designs with your router.A variety of effects can be achieved by using different router bits, bit depths & guide bushings. Most patterns measure between 3" & 6-1/4", but you can join any number of patterns for much larger projects. The specially designed TurnLock™ Router Base holds a bushing that will guide within a selected template. Each template is indexed and sequentially rotated within the base plates to any of 24 positions to create the desired pattern. Additional inlay templates help you create three sizes of bowties, hearts, stars, or circles. A plunge router with a 6" base plate is required. Instructions included.

BONUS: Includes 1/4" V-groove and 1/8" Up-Cut Solid Carbide Spiral Bit.

  • 2 Spiro Crafter Templates
  • 3 Guide Bushings
  • 1 Centering Pin
  • 2 Inlay Templates
  • 1 TurnLockTM Router Baseplate
  • 1 Pencil and Pencil Guide
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