4-Piece Bowl & Tray Accessory Kit

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Making wooden bowls and trays with your router is easy to do and a ton of fun. We offer a wide selection of template designs for you to choose from on our site, all of which require the use of the items found in this money-saving accessory kit.

Kit includes one each of the following items:

Eagle America Bowl & Tray Bit (#144-1205B and #144-2005B):
Designed to make bowls and trays, these bits route straight sides, rounded bottom corners and a flat bottom all in one pass. They will quickly remove any excess material while leaving a slight radius on the edge. Two flute, carbide tipped. USA

Collet Extension (#415-0660):
This comes in handy when making deeper bowls and trays. Now you can safely get an additional 2-1/4"of height out of your router bits by extending them through your router table top with our router collet extension. This eliminates the dangerous temptation of pulling the shank from the collet in order to raise the bit. Extension installs into your router like any typical 1/2" shank bit. Instructions included.

Preserve Non-Toxic Wood Oil (#443-1000):
The perfect food-safe finish for your new bowls and trays. It uses a blend of natural ingredients from exotic nuts to protect wooden bowls, serving trays, cutting boards and more. It penetrates deeply and seals out the moisture and food odors. Simply wipe on and then wipe off, it dries to a light golden brown.USA

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