Clear-Cut Stock Guides by JESSEM

Superior Stock Control For Superior Results
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The Featherboard of the Future - Jessem's New Stock Guide System!

Features Overview:

  • Unique roller system holds down workpiece and pushes into fence for precision stock feed
  • 1-1/2" urethane one-way rollers set at 5° toward fence and 2-3/4" total travel
  • One-way rollers prevent kickback
  • Rollers simultaneously hold your material down & against your fence
  • Rout end grain with confidence
  • Quick adjustment for easy set-up and fine-tuning
  • Maximum stock thickness from router table surface to 9/16" below center of T-slot
  • Compatible with most router table fences with a horizontal 1/4" T-slot above the fence faces
  • Includes one infeed stock guide, one outfeed stock guide and detailed instructions

Safety is of the utmost importance when working with your router or shaper table. But the router table application is where most large bits get used and not following safety practices here is just asking for trouble. Until now, feather boards have been the hold-down device of choice for your router table. And while feather boards work well for holding stock in place they do have their limitations. For example, it takes two feather boards (one pushing down and the other pushing in) to get the optimal safety setup and feather board adjustments can be tedious and time consuming. Finding that perfect angle and correct amount of pressure takes some skill and practice.

Jessem's new Clear-Cut™ Stock Guides offer a clearly superior way to safely enjoy using your router and shaper table. Like an extra pair of hands holding your stock while you concentrate on pushing it forward, the Clear-Cut™ Stock Guides simultaneoulsy 'press' and 'push' your stock for ultimate precision and safety. The unique one-way guide rollers prevent dangerous kickback and are mounted on a 5 degree angle that pulls your stock tightly against the fence. While steering your stock toward the fence, the urethane guide rollers press down securely, ensuring a rigid setup for chatter-free cutting. Adjustment couldn't be easier, simply loosen one knob position the Clear-Cut™ Stock Guide in place and tighten. They mount to 1/4" T-Slot found on most commercial fences.

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