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Self Stick Rubber Pad

SKU #420-3012

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Has your foam piece on your safety push block become worn out or started to loose it's "grip"? Or maybe your push block never had the right amount of gripping power at all

This self adhesive rubber mat is the perfect way to refurbish your old push block or replace the factory foam rubber that came with it. The material is heavier duty and softer than standard foam, so when applied it provides more gripping power as you put pressure on your stock piece with your push block.

Simply cut the rubber mat to size, remove all remnants of the old foam rubber on your push block, peel the self adhesive paper off the rubber mat and apply to your push block.

You can also use the self adhesive rubber mat anywhere you need to keep things in place, like your workshop tool chest, drawers, or even certain router applications.

The self adhesive rubber mat measures 12" x 12".

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