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The Handyman Nail Finder will save valuable saw, planer, and jointer blades by locating metal objects in the wood before you cut. You no longer have to fear milling raw timber or using recycled lumber because this powerful and accurate hand held detector will detect nails, screws, wire, bullets, staples, tacks, and other small metal objects up to 6" deep, even in dense woods. The detector has a large detection path measuring 5" long x 2-1/2" wide. The LED indicator light works in conjunction with either a high pitched audio alert for quiet conditions or a vibration alert for noisy situations. This detector also has 3 frequency settings to avoid interference from other electronic devices. There is also a low setting that reduces the detection range to eliminate false readings from other metal objects in proximity to the area being scanned. Comes with a rubberized handle and detachable wrist strap to ensure a secure grip. The low battery indicator helps you make sure the detector is always operating at peak performance. Uses a 9 volt battery (not included). USA.

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