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Diamond Cross Router Bit Sharpener by MPOWER

Double-sided with Handle
SKU #440-0552
In Stock

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The Router Bit Sharpener is the smallest Diamond stone in the new range, However it is just as important as the other stones. Keep your bits sharp or risk spending time and energy cleaning up the burn marks left on a routed edge from a blunt bit and given its size it's hardly going to cramp your shelves.

Diamond Cross Router Bit Sharpener Uses:

  • Sharpens Router Bits and Cutters
  • Sharpens Saw Blades

Diamond Cross Router Bit Sharpener Features:

  • Handy Size
  • Ergonomic Handle for Comfortable Use
  • Double Sided 300-600 Grit
    • Coarse 50 Micron 300 grit diamond grade for fast stock removal & ideal for edge preparation
    • Fine 25 Micron or 600 grit diamond grade for honing a primary edge
  • Solid 1/16" Thick Anti-Rust Stainless Steel Core
  • Quality Assured: Assembled and thoroughly inspected at the UK factory to ensure every diamond stone is perfect prior to packaging and dispatch.
  • Diamond Cross Patterned Recess: Provides the perfect balance between the ultra-hardwearing diamond coverage and anti-clog properties of the pattern.
  • In Surface Grit Indicator: Highly visible number is embedded clearly indicating the grade of the diamond.
  • Bench Mountable: (with Diamond Stone Holder #440-0562--not included, sold separately). Safely holds your Router Bit Sharpener steady on a work surface. Gives much needed elevation allowing the body of the Router Bit to comfortably clear the work surface when sharpening. The Diamond Stone Holders can also hold a range of other manufacturers' credit cards and larger solid bench diamond stones.

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