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Diamond Stone Holder (Pair) by MPOWER

Stable Mounting for Sharpening Stones
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Holds a large range of different diamond stone shapes and sizes, from a solid 8" bench stone to any old Credit Card diamond stone. Rare earth magnets lock onto the underside of the stone providing instant grip between bench/work-surface and Diamond stone. Unlike a typical non-slip mat, the Diamond Stone Holder provides much needed that the knife handle doesn't hit the surface that you're working on.

Diamond Stone Holder Applications:

  • Holds The Diamond Cross Router Bit Sharpener. A single Diamond Stone Holder grips the underside of the Router Bit Sharpener for delicate hands free sharpening or if needed the "textured thumb tang" supports the Router Bit Sharpener handle which helps hold the diamond stone in position when sharpening with a higher lateral load.
  • Holds The Diamond Cross Credit Card. Instantly lock 2 Diamond Stone Holders together to form the perfect raised platform for the DC Credit Card. From Craft Knives to scissors, the Stone Holder provides bench to diamond stone clearance allowing the knife handle sufficient room for a good sharpening stroke safely clearing the bench.
  • Holds The Diamond Cross 8" Bench. Fitting a Diamond Stone Holder at either end of a large stone is a painless operation taking no more than a couple of seconds. We're using the structural integrity of the bench stone to provide a stable platform on which to sharpen any number of different tools from Kitchen knives to smoothing plane irons and unlike the "non slip mat" the DSH won't end dive through mat compression.
  • Holds Other Brands Of Credit Cards.
  • Holds Other Brands Of Solid Bench Stones. Providing the bench-stone hasn't been made single sided with a plastic substrate, the Diamond Stone Holder isn't fussy and will grip pretty much any make and model of diamond stone. Even narrow 2" wide bench-stones can be held firmly by fitting a pair of Holders at a cranked angle.

Diamond Stone Holder Features:

  • Non Slip: Solid Nitrile rubber has a great coefficient of friction which grips both the diamond stone it's holding and the surface it's placed on, providing a stable platform for sharpening.
  • Solvent-Resistant: Nitrile rubber is both solvent and oil resistant.
  • Magnetic Lock: Uses rare earth magnets that fit to diamond stones for faster set-up than typical mechanical locking.
  • Interlocking Design: Increases the range of stones that the DSH can hold. Holders slot together, ensuring a solid platform to hold smaller diamond stones such as the popular credit cards.
  • Compact: Save space in your tool bag and leave your clunky old bench stone holder at home. Weighs 1/5 as much as a standard stone holder.

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