Merle Clamp Picture Frame Package by MLCS

Make three different picture and mirror frames.
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Merle Clamp Picture Frame Package

  • Merle Multi-Corner Clamp with 4 Corners & Jaws and 23' Banding
  • #8620 Picture Frame Molding Bit, 1/2" Shank
  • #7965 Molding Plane Profile Bit, 1/2" Shank
  • #7975 Molding Plane Profile Bit, 1/2" Shank

Merle Multi-Corner Clamp:

Self Adjusting Jaws align to any angle, even circles! The flexible jaw inserts are non-marring and are easily removed. They're made of high impact ABS plastic for a long life and heavy use. The dual pivot feature allows the Merle to clamp virtually any size, shape, or project securely! Perfect for circles and ovals and polygonal shapes. The Merle clamp will hold any type of frame for easy gluing, nailing or screwing with even jointing force at all corners. Excellent for wide cabinet type frames (use in the center or edges), and also for narrow picture frames. Use as much or as little clamping pressure as needed.Sturdy and long-lasting Cast aluminum and steel construction. Quick Release Corner Clips pull off with finger pressure for quick use.

Clamp includes 23' steel banding reel, 4 quick release corners, and 4 pivoting jaw inserts.

Picture Frame Molding Bit:

2 flute, carbide-tipped with totally enclosed ball bearing guides. Make decorative picture frames. Also used for decorative edges on clock faces, mirror frames, etc. 3/4" Large Diameter. 1-7/16" Carbide Height. 1/2" Shank.

Molding Plane Profile Router Bits:

2-flute, carbide-tipped with totally enclosed ball bearing guides. These classic profiles have been copied from popular antique molding planes and are widely used to produce architectural millwork. Also used for making beautiful moldings, baseboards, picture frames, and chair rails. By combining cuts from two or more bits, an unlimited variety of profiles can be produced.

#7965: 1/4" Depth of Cut, 1-5/8" Carbide Height, 1/2" Shank.

#7975: 1/2" Depth of Cut, 1-3/4" Carbide Height, 1/2" Shank.

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