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Eagle America 3 and 4 Wing Slot Cutter Router Bits are interchangeable and can be combined and stacked on the same arbor giving you a wide variety of cutting possibilities.

Make sure cutters are put on the arbor in the proper cutting direction and always use the supplied spacers between the cutters and bearings.

The Eagle America Brand was created for the professional woodworker who needs a serious router bit with an exceptional cut, extremely high durability and longevity.

All slot cutters are 1-7/8" in diameter, 1/2" cutting depth with a 5/16" diameter bore.

All cutters carbide tipped.

Cutters and arbor assemblies sold separately.

Made in the USA

The Eagle America Difference

Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Precision ground carbide to +/- .005 tolerances & Balanced to speeds in excess of 25,000 RPM for true, chatter-free running.

High hook and relief shear angles with wide open gullets for easy chip ejection.

Single-piece, SOLID STEEL Bodies, not just a mere sand casting.

Finest Micrograin Carbide up to C-4 grade with tips up to 1/8" thick for longer life.

Shielded, high-RPM-rated bearings have special lubricants for mar-free routing.

Carbide honed with a 600 grit diamond wheel to a razor sharp mirror finish edge.

Steel is heat treated up to 3 times, and tested up to 45 RC hardness to guarantee against breakage.

Precision-ground shanks.

Product Options

Cutting Length Type Item # Price    Qty
1/16" 3-Wing 146-0130 $17.95
Use for Picture Glass

1/16" 4-Wing 146-0140 $21.95
Use for Picture Glass

5/64" 3-Wing 146-0330 $18.95
Use for T-Moldings

5/64" 4-Wing 146-0340 $22.95
Use for T-Moldings

3/32" 3-Wing 146-0430 $18.95
3/32" 4-Wing 146-0440 $22.95
1/8" 3-Wing 146-0630 $19.95
Use for Drawer Bottoms

1/8" 4-Wing 146-0640 $23.95
Use for Drawer Bottoms

4mm (5/32") 3-Wing 146-0830 $19.95
4mm (5/32") 4-Wing 146-0840 $23.95
3/16" 3-Wing 146-0930 $20.95
3/16" 4-Wing 146-0940 $24.95
5.5mm (7/32") 3-Wing 146-2230 $24.95
1/4" 3-Wing 146-1030 $20.95
1/4" 4-Wing 146-1040 $24.95
9/32" 3-Wing 146-2830 $21.95
9/32" 4-Wing 146-2840 $25.95
5/16" 3-Wing 146-3130 $27.95
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