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Make Picture Frames in One Pass. Five Star Performance.
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Make beautiful picture and mirror frames as well as chair rails and window sill casings. Our router bits were designed in cooperation with author John Nelson when writing his book "Woodworkers Guide to Making Traditional Mirrors and Picture Frames". All bits two flute, carbide tipped with bearing guides. USA

November 2013 review "Reprinted with permission of WOODMagazine."

True one-pass frame profiles

Making your own frames adds a personal touch to a prized photo, painting, or child's drawing, and Eagle America's picture-frame router bits make it easy to create eye-catching profiles in one pass on your router table. No need to use a variety of different-shaped bits to achieve the five profiles shown here. And to top it off, these U.S.-made bits cut cleanly-cutting the full profile in one pass-in all the species I tried, including some prone to tear-out (figured maple, red oak, and hickory).

After routing the profile, you cut a rabbet on the back for the picture and glass. The five profile bits shown come as a set, or sell for $40-$45 apiece.

Picture-Frame Router Bits 5-pc. set--Performance: 5 Stars


SAVE! Picture Frame and Mirror Bit 5 Piece Set

#199-1655 1/2" Shank Combo includes:

  • All 5 Picture Frame and Mirror Bits (1/2" Shank)

SAVE! Picture Frame *Clamp and Frame* Kit

#199-1656 1/2" Shank Combo includes:

  • All 5 Picture Frame and Mirror Bits (1/2" Shank)
  • #415-9012 Merle Clamp with 4 Corners, Jaws & Banding

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What's the difference?

Router Safety Chart - Suggested Speeds:

Bit Diameter Max Speed
up to 1" 24000 RPM
1-1/16" to 2" 18000 RPM
2-1/16" to 2-1/2" 16000 RPM
2-9/16" to 3" 14500 RPM
over 3" 12000 RPM

Router Safety Tips:

  • Always wear eye and ear protection.
  • Always use properly sharpened bits.
  • Never use bits that are dull or damaged.
  • Shank must be completely inserted into collet and then backed-off approximately 1/16".
  • Don't "bottom-out" bit in collet.
  • Never partially insert bit into collet. Minimum 1" of shank needs to be in collet.
  • Tighten bit securely and recheck periodically for possible slippage or "run-out" due to wear.
  • Keep collet clean and replace if worn.
  • Never start the router with the bit in contact with wood.
  • Always feed your work or router in the proper direction against the bit rotation.
  • Don't force feed the bit or overload your router, Feed at a constant moving speed to avoid burning the wood.
  • Do not face tool's discharge when operating.
  • Always unplug router when changing bits or making adjustments.
  • Use a router table and fence whenever possible.
  • Make sure your work piece is properly secured and use push blocks, sticks and featherboards whenever possible.
  • Keep all your bits, bearings and assemblies clean, lubricated, and securely fastened. To avoid damage, store them properly in a pouch, box or tray.
  • The bigger the bit, the lower RPM recommended (see chart).
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I've had these bits for about 4 months now. They have brought in about $600 to my small basement picture framing shop. I buy wood at about 1.80 per 4x2 board and make about 35 different kinds of mouldings. It's a genius concept well worth the money. I also use various wood combinations that the other retailers can't emulate.

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3/4" 3/4" 2-1/2" 1/4" 165-0202 $39.95
3/4" 3/4" 2-1/2" 1/2" 165-0205 $42.00
1" 3/4" 2-13/16" 1/4" 165-0402 $43.95
1" 3/4" 2-13/16" 1/2" 165-0405 $43.95
1-3/16" 3/4" 2-11/16" 1/4" 165-0502 $44.95
1-3/16" 3/4" 2-15/16" 1/2" 165-0505 $44.95
1-3/16" 3/4" 3" 1/4" 165-0102 $44.95
1-3/16" 3/4" 3" 1/2" 165-0105 $44.95
1-7/16" 3/4" 3-3/16" 1/4" 165-0302 $44.95
1-7/16" 3/4" 3-3/16" 1/2" 165-0305 $44.95
5 Piece Picture Frame & Mirror Bit Set - 1/2" Shank 199-1655 REG. $220.80
SALE $204.95
SAVE $15.85!
Picture Frame "Clamp & Frame" Value Kit 1/2" Shank 199-1656 REG. $255.75
SALE $219.95
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