6-Piece Raised Panel Door Cabinet Sets by EAGLE

All Router Bits Constructed in the USA

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Make perfect raised panel doors and drawers with the best router bits made in the USA.

All bits are 1/2" Shank, carbide-tipped and are for use in a router table only.

Complete Raised Panel Door Sets

ALL Complete 6-Piece Raised Panel Door Sets include:

  • Raised Panel Bit. See options below.
  • 2-Piece Rail and Stile Set. See options below.
  • Glue Joint Bit #190-2705
  • Drawer Lock Bit #182-1715
  • Drawer Pull Bit #180-2825
  • PLUS 100 piece bag of Space Balls #447-7170

Ogee/Ogee Set #199-1861 (shown) includes:

  • Ogee Bead Raised Panel Bit #186-5825.
  • Roman Ogee Stile and Rail Set #185-0700

Cove/Round Over Set #199-1862 includes:

  • Cove Raised Panel Bit #186-5805.
  • Round Over Stile and Rail Set #185-0800

3-Wing Safety Raised Panel Bits

For 5/8" to 3/4" thick stock. Also makes great door fronts. Designed for straight, arch pattern, and cathedral doors. The ball bearing guide allows you to follow a pattern. These router bits feature anti-kickback design. Overall length is 3". Use light, multiple passes. See: 3-Wing Safety Raised Panel Bits.

2 Piece Stile and Rail Set

For 11/16" to 7/8" thick stock. Make square edge or arch cathedral pattern doors without the need for a fence. All bits cut a standard 1/4" x 3/8" thick tongue and they are two-flute with ball bearing guides. Instructions included. See: 2-Piece Stile and Rail Bit Sets.

Reversible Glue Joint Bit

Make fast and strong joints. Use for edge-joining door panels or table tops. Reversible pattern allows you to cut both the tongue and the groove with just one bit. Instructions included. See: Reversible Glue Joint Bits.

Reversible Drawer Lock Glue Joint Bit

For 1/2" to 3/4" thick stock. Glue drawer front and sides together, locking them in place. Produce a strong, durable, and efficient joint. Two-flute. Instructions included. See: Reversible Drawer Lock Glue Joint Bits.

Door and Drawer Pull Bit

Adjust cutter heights for desired upper bead reveal. See: Door and Drawer Pull Bits.

Product Options

Description Item # Price    Qty
Ogee Bead/Roman Ogee 6 Piece Raised Panel Cabinet Door Set 199-1861 $399.95
Cove/Round Over 6 Piece Raised Panel Cabinet Door Set 199-1862 $399.95

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