Colt Brad Point Drill Bits

Drill faster, cleaner holes with a longer lasting bit!

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The unique patented design of these bits provides improved guidance, accuracy, and accelerated chip clearance. Faster chip clearance means less heat, cleaner holes, and longer bit life. You will be amazed at how these bits perform! Bits up to 3/4" have reduced shanks to fit 3/8" drill chucks.

  • Made of Alloy Steel
  • TwinLand Flute Design
  • Less chip burn, faster chip clearance
  • Use with soft, hard. exotic, veneered, and laminated wood
  • Reduced shanks to fit 3/8"

Product Options

Dia. Length Item # Price    Qty
7/16" 5-3/8" 302-2009 $4.49
7/8" 8-1/4" 302-2014 $19.99

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