SandDevil Sanding Tools by MILESCRAFT

Power Tool Results with Hand-Sanding Precision

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SandDevil Features:

  • Multi-Surface Design gives 5 different sanding surfaces for many different applications
  • Sanding surfaces for flat, angled, curved, and edge sanding
  • Change Abrasive Belts Quickly and Easily, using the Patented "Clever Lever"
    • Flip the lever open to loosen and reposition or replace the belt
    • Flip the lever closed and the belt will be locked securely in place
  • Includes standard sanding belt
  • #80 grit cloth-backed sanding belt

These simple but versatile and sturdy ABS plastic sanding tools provides an excellent solution for hand-sanding, allowing you to get the precision of hand-sanding with power tool results. Designed with multiple sanding surfaces so you can sand flat surfaces, angles, curves, and edges. Quickly and easily adjust or change sanding belts with a flip of the "Clever Lever." Accept standard size sanding belts for easy replacement.

SandDevil Specs:

ModelLength Width HeightWeightSanding Belt
2.5 (#400-2264)6-1/4"1-1/4"1-1/4"0.49 lb2.5" x 14"
3.0 (#400-2265)9-3/4"3"1-1/4"0.79 lb3" x 21"

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Description Item # Price    Qty
SandDevil 2.5 400-2264 $9.99
SandDevil 3.0 400-2265 $14.99

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