PET Bowl & Tray Templates by MLCS

Designs Celebrating Our Furry Friends

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Choose from 4 fun designs celebrating man (and woman)'s best friend: dog head, paw print, small dog bone, and large dog bone.

The candy, chips and cheeses won't look any better than this. Impress family and friends at your upcoming gatherings with hand made serving bowls and trays that you made with your router.

  • Durable clear acrylic templates will not warp or distort.
  • Glue up your left over scraps of various woods to create beautiful patterns.
  • The Dog Head Template cuts both inside and outside pattern directly with one template. Other templates have inside shape only.
  • See Tech Info tab for required and recommended accessories.

Dog Bowl & Tray Template 3 Piece Set

Combo Package #9107 Includes:

  • Dog Head Template (10-1/4" x 13-3/4", Inside/Outside design)
  • Big Dog Bone Template (18" x 10", Inside only)
  • Paw Print Template (10.5" x 11", Inside only)



Large Bit Acrylic Bowl and Tray Template Instructions
for templates using 1-1/4" Bit (MLCS #7817/Eagle #144-2005B)

Small Bit Acrylic Bowl and Tray Template Instructions
for templates using 3/4" Bit (MLCS #7813/Eagle #144-1205B)

Required and Recommended Accessories

  • A Router Collet Extension (#9465 or #9473) is required to make extra deep bowls but is also useful whenever your general woodworking requires extra deep cuts.
  • A Bowl and Tray/Dish Cutter Router Bit is required. See recommended bits for each template in chart.
  • The optional large mounting plate (#9097 or #9096) is used to support your router over the large recessed openings.
  • We recommend using food-safe Natural Wood Oil (#443-1006) to finish your projects.
  • Use our Porcelain Ramekins (#401-8316) to serve dips, appetizers and other treats with your homemade bowls and trays.

Product Options

Image Description Tray Size Bit Required Item # Price    Qty
Dog Bowl and Tray Templates Set 9107 REG. $89.85
SALE $69.95
SAVE $20!
Dog Head 10-1/4" x 13-3/4" EA 144-1205B/ MLCS 7813 9134 $29.95
Paw Print 10.5" x 11" EA 144-2005B/ MLCS 7817 #9151
(Old/Eagle 401-8362)
Small Dog Bone 10-3/4" x 5" EA 144-2005B/ MLCS 7817 #9181
(Old/Eagle 401-8364)
Big Dog Bone 18" x 10" EA 144-2005B/ MLCS 7817 #9192
(Old/Eagle 401-8366)
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