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Now you can get an additional 2-1/4"of height out of your 1/2" shank router bits by extending them through your router table top with our router collet extension. This eliminates the dangerous temptation of pulling the shank from the collet in order to raise the bit to take advantage of the full profile. The router collet extension makes it possible to use all 1/2" shank diameter bits safely. Extension installs into your router like any typical 1/2" shank bit. Instructions included.

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Description Item # Price    Qty
Router Collet Extension ONLY (No Wrenches) 415-0660 REG. $29.99
SALE $24.99
Router Collet Extension with 18mm & 28mm Wrenches 415-2660 REG. $37.98
SALE $29.99
18mm & 28mm Wrench Set for 415-0660 415-0662 $7.99
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