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Safety Magnetic Power Switches

Stay safe! Avoid accidental tool turn-ons!

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The magnetic switch keeps unattended machinery from accidently or automatically turning back on after power is restored from a power failure or other power interruption. When the input power is disrupted, the magnetic capsule prevents power from passing through to the switch. Once the input power is restored, the start button must be engaged to restore power to the tool.

Convenient, mechanical push button switch also features a large paddle "STOP" button to allow you to quickly shut off power to your 120VAC machinery. Placing the switch where you can use your hip or knee to bump it into the "off" position gives you the freedom to never take your hands off the workpiece to turn off the machine. Safety Lockout feature provides added safety and accident prevention. Surface mounts.

Max. 15 amp 120V AC motors. Model #415-0834 has no cord and hardwires to your equipment. Model #415-0839 comes with approximately 6 foot cord.

Not compatible with remote control relay boxes.

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Safety Magnetic Power Switch (with Cord) 415-0839 REG. $49.95
SALE $39.95
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Safety Magnetic Power Switch (No Cord) 415-0834 REG. $39.95
SALE $29.95
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