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NEW!  PowerLift Pro® Router Lift & Accessories by MLCS

Digitally-Controlled Precision Router Lift

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POWERLIFT PRO®: Changing the Way You Work on the Router Table!

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The new precision PowerLift Pro® router lift runs by foot pedal and/or an Android app.

The heavy duty Powerlift Pro® handles the largest router motors and router bits. This is the only router lift sold with a "hands free" Foot Pedal, and the MLCS Android App featuring Advanced Pass Control!

  • Run by a FREE Android APP, the PowerLift Pro® can be controlled from almost any Android device including phones and tablets
  • Our new MLCS 7" Android Tablet comes with the PowerLift Pro® App pre-installed for simple set up. You can also run the lift by just using the foot pedal!
  • Memory Positions with Advance Pass Control moves the lift up or down, and stops it at automatically at up to SIX preset user selected router bit locations.
  • Use the Foot Pedal to cycle through Advanced Pass Control stored positions for hands free incremental passes. Perfect for mortising!
  • Preset Movements are programmed by MLCS. Common movements like Max Up and Down, 1/100", 1/64", 1/32', 1/16", 1/18", 1/4" and 1/2" can be selected
  • The PowerLift Pro® is designed to handle the large 3-1/4 HP 4.2" diameter router motors, but reducer sleeves are available for the most common 3.25" and 3.5" diameter motors
  • "Max Up" provides over 3" of travel for quick, "above the table" router bit changes
  • The PowerLift Pro® router lift will fit all MLCS router tables that accept insert plates, including:
    • Cast-Iron Router Table Top (Order #415-6207)
    • Router Table Top & Fence (Order #415-9774 with no plate)
    • XM Extension Table Top & Fence (Order #415-9776 with no plate)
    • XCI Extension Top & Fence (Order #415-9777 with no plate)
    • Phenolic Router Table Top (Order #415-9751 with no plate)
    • Bench Top Router Table & Fence
  • The Speed Control adjusts lift rate.
  • Move the lift very precisely with movement down to .001"
  • A heavy duty mounting arm is included to give you an option of mounting your android device to the router table.
  • The PowerLift Pro® has sealed bearings with heavy duty steel guide posts.
  • The plate is is 9-1/32" x 12-3/32" x 3/8" thick aluminum and can accept router bits up to 3.5" in diameter.
  • Includes a self-locking reducer ring with a 2" opening. Additional insert rings for the router plate are available.

The PowerLift Pro® Router Lift ships with everything listed below. Our FREE Android App is available as a download.

Included with the PowerLift Pro®:

  • (1) Lift Base and Lift-Motor Unit
  • (1) PREMIUM Aluminum Insert Plate
  • (3) Allen Wrenches
  • (1) Insert Ring with 2" Opening
  • (1) Insert Ring Wrench
  • (1) Starter Pin
  • (4) Plate Leveling Screws
  • (1) Foot Switch
  • (1) Power Supply Cord
  • (1) USB Cable with Mini USB Adapter
  • (1) Mounting Arm

Router Motor Not Included. See item #415-6561. Also works with most routers with 4.2" diameter motor (or 3.5" or 3.25" with adaptors below).

7" Android Tablet with PowerLift PRO® App pre-installed.

Sold separately (item #415-6201) or with the PowerLift (Package #415-6205).

7" Android Tablet Specs:

  • 7" LCD - LED Backlight, 1062*600 px
  • ATM7031/A33, quad core 1.2Ghz CPU
  • Mali 400 3D hardware accel GPU
  • System: Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)
  • Multi-touch Capacitive screen
  • 512 MB RAM with 8 GB storage
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI
  • Dual camera, front .3MP, back .3MP
  • External 3G USB port

PowerLift PRO® App Features:

The PowerLift Pro Android app allows precise control of your precision router lift.

  • "LIFT POSITION" displays the current position of the lift along with the units of measure
  • Tapping "UP" or "DOWN" moves the lift
  • "SPEED" sets lift speed rate
  • "SET ZERO" sets the current position of the lift as the new zero
  • "MEMORY POSITIONS" stores six user customizable locations for repetitive operations. Incremental passes are easy to setup, and the foot pedal can be used to cycle through the positions while keeping hands on the work.
  • "PRESET MOVEMENTS" provides Max up and Max down, and moves the lift 1/100", 1/64", 1/32", 1/16", 1/18", 1/4" and 1/2",

Free App Updates will be available periodically on the website.

Bi-directional Foot Pedal (Included)

The footswitch allows the operator to raise or lower the lift while keeping both hands on the work piece. Use the Foot Pedal to cycle through Advanced Pass Control stored positions for hands free incremental passes!

Operations that were previously too difficult or too dangerous can now be performed on the router table (like plunge cutting, mortising, dadoes, and circle cutting) - with better dust collection and improved safety. You can turn your router table into an efficient and effective mortising machine. A simple jig that controls the movement of the work piece on top of the table, combined with raising the spinning bit via the footswitch, will yield perfect mortises.

Locking Insert Ring Kit #415-6559 (Sold Separately) and Wrench #415-6560

The 4 piece locking insert ring kit has openings of 1/4", 1/2", 1-3/16" (designed to fit standard template guide bushings), and 2-1/2" to provide additional opening sizes in your Router Plate. Easy-in and Easy-out, using the specially designed wrench, insert rings will spin and lock into place. No screws are needed. Wrench is included with PowerLift Pro® or sold separately as a replacement (#415-6560)

Router Reducers

Designed to hold smaller router motors.

  • Reducer #415-6555 for router motors 3-1/2" in diameter. (Porter Cable 690/890, Bosch 1617/1618, and DeWalt 610 are some commonly used routers of this size.)








PowerLift Pro® Documentation

Parts List

Installation and Set-up Guide

Using the Android App

PowerLift Pro® Android App Software

To download the latest updates to the app, please visit MLCS Woodworking. Current app version: 1.0.06.

Product Options

Description Item # Price    Qty
PowerLift Pro® Router Lift 415-6200 $499.95
PowerLift Pro® & 7-inch Android Tablet 415-6205 REG. $549.90
SALE $534.95
SAVE $15!
7" Android Tablet With PowerLift® PRO App Installed 415-6201 $49.95
4pc Insert Ring Kit for MLCS Router Lifts 415-6559 $19.95
Insert Wrench for MLCS Router Lift Plates 415-6560 $9.95
Router Reducer 3-1/2" for MLCS Router Lifts 415-6555 $27.95
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