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2-1/2" Stay Put Hose Bracket

Put your dust collection hose where you need it

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The Stay Put Hose mounting bracket allows you to mount your hose on your workbench, drill press, router table and more! This unique bracket has a removable base that when removed, allow you to slide a universal fence clamp (not included) into the pre-drilled 3/8" hole. This gives you the ability to attach the bracket to almost any flat surface like your workbench or router table.

With the base attached to the bracket, you can then feed the 4" steel clamp (included) into the pre-milled rectangular slot and attach the unit to almost any post in your shop, which is perfect for machines like your drill press.

The Stay Put Hose bracket is designed to be used with the Stay Put 2-1/2" hose only.

The universal clamps are available in two sizes. The clamps can also be used to secure sacrificial table saw fences and router fence stop blocks.

Product Options

Description Item # Price    Qty
Stay Put Hose Bracket 415-7079 $16.99
Fence Clamp 1-1/2" To 3" (Set Of 2) 400-1042 $16.99
Fence Clamp 3-1/2" To 4-3/4" (Set Of 2) 400-1043 $19.99

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