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Whetstone sharpener with high-grade, pre-dressed grindstone. Water-cooled slow speed ensures the edge does not overheat and lose sharpness. Easy to shape and sharpen a blade exactly to your needs. Leather honing wheel with honing compound for a polished, razor-sharp edge. Induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance. Includes support arm, Grinding Angle Set-Up Jig, Straight Edge Jig and stone grader.

Whetstone Sharpener Features:

  • Smooth 120W /1.2A induction motor
  • High-grade grindstone sharpens steel edges efficiently & reliably
  • Water trough keeps the stone wet & the grinding surface cool, preventing overheating
  • Leather honing wheel for a razor-sharp, polished edge
  • Horizontal mounts for support arms maintain the correct angle for honing the blade
  • Vertical mounts for support arm for perfect positioning of the blade for sharpening
  • Rubber feet keep the machine steady & minimise vibration
  • Support arm & straight edge jig maintain correct sharpening angle
  • Grinding angle set-up jig for measuring & setting exact blade bevel
  • Stone grader dresses the stone for fine or coarse grinding

ACCESSORIES for Use with Whetstone Sharpener TWSS10:

Carving Tool Jig TWSCTJ #415-7552: For accurate sharpening of carving tools and other short tools. Clamps narrow and butt chisels firmly. Internal 'v' shape automatically centres the tool. Will also clamp power tool carving blades.

Diamond Truing Tool TWSDTT #415-7553: Quick restoration of the grinding surface. Back bar controls rate of material removal. Easy to set up.

Grinding Angle Set-Up Jig TWSGAJ #415-7554: For setting up the correct angle for sharpening. Enables repeatable accuracy for grinding specific bevel angles.

Profiled Leather Honing Wheel TWSLHW #415-7555: For honing and polishing the inside of turning and woodcarving gouges. Honing/polishing V-parting tools. Made from solid tanned leather.

Long Knife Jig TWSLKJ #415-7556: Use for long or thin flexible filleting knives. Broad clamping head holds blade securely.

Plane Camber Jig TWSPCJ #415-7557: Especially good for scrub and jack plane irons. Puts an even, slight radius onto a hand plane iron. Camber for improved shearing action.

Support Arm Extension TWSSAE #415-7558: Attaches to support arm. Provides simultaneous tool support above the grindstone and honing wheels.

Straight Edge Jig TWSSEJ #415-7559: Maintains correct sharpening angle. Easy, accurate tool fitting.

Stone Grader TWSSG #415-7561: For dressing the grinding stone.

Turning Gouge Jig TWSTGJ #415-7562: For controlled, accurate sharpening of woodturning tools.

Tool Rest TWSTR #415-7563: For sharpening an assortment of tools. Especially good for tools requiring larger bevel angles. Provides stable platform.

Machine Cover TWSWSC #415-7564: Keep your Whetstone Sharpener safe and clean.

Scissors Jig TWSSJ #415-5640: Restores sharp edge to blunt scissors. Can be used on garden shears. Twin clamps for securing blades. Nickel-plated aluminum alloy.

Whetstone Sharpener TWSS10 Specifications:

  • Bore Diameter: 15/32"
  • Power: 1.2A
  • Product Height: 14"
  • Product Length: 13-1/2"
  • Product Weight: 32lbs
  • Product Width: 15"
  • Compatible with 01: TWSSEJ, TWSDTT, TWSTGJ
  • Wheel Speed: 125rpm
  • Sharpening Stone Size Dia: 10" x 2"
  • Honing Wheel Size Dia: 9" x 1-3/16"

Product Options

Description Item # Price    Qty
Whetstone Sharpener 120W (TWSS10) 415-7550 $399.99
Carving Tool Jig (TWSCTJ) 415-7552 $10.79
Diamond Truing Tool (TWSDTT) 415-7553 $49.49
Grinding Angle Set-Up Jig (TWSGAJ) 415-7554 $8.99
Profiled Leather Honing Wheel (TWSLHW) 415-7555 $49.49
Long Knife Jig (TWSLKJ) 415-7556 $26.99
Plane Camber Jig (TWSPCJ) 415-7557 $49.49
Support Arm Extension (TWSSAE) 415-7558 $17.99
Straight Edge Jig (TWSSEJ) 415-7559 $20.69
Stone Grader (TWSSG) 415-7561 $10.79
Turning Gouge Jig (TWSTGJ) 415-7562 $24.29
Tool Rest (TWSTR) 415-7563 $17.99
Machine Cover (TWSWSC) 415-7564 $17.99
Scissors Jig (TWSSJ) 415-5640 REG. $34.99
SALE $31.49
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