Billy Pedal Foot Switches by MLCS

Safe, hands-free control!

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Allows you to hold your work with both hands for added control. No need to free one hand to hunt for the on/off switch.

15 amp with 8' power cord.

Deadman Style Pedal Footswitch #9080:

Now you can operate your router or other power tools with hands-free convenience. This pedal is a spring loaded safety switch that turns off the tool when you lift your foot off the pedal. Simply plug our foot switch into your electrical outlet, then plug your tool into the pedal.

Continuous Running Pedal Footswitch #9089:

Runs continuously for dust collection or for any activity where it is safe to leave machine unattended. Simply step on pedal to activate, step again to deactivate.

Product Options

Description Item # Price    Qty
Deadman Style Pedal Footswitch #9080
(Old/Eagle 415-9080)
Continuous Running Pedal Footswitch #9089
(Old/Eagle 415-9089)

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