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Made from solid phenolic material, known for its strength and stability.

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COMPLETE Package #9620 is shown in main image.

PHENOLIC Router Table Top

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The table top is made from solid, approximately 3/4" thick phenolic "mineral resin" material for strength, impact and wear resistance, and stability. Phenolic tables are a top choice for many industrial shops. The top measures 24" x 32" and is designed to use 9-1/32" x 12-3/32" router plates, including the U-Turn Router Lift and the PowerLift Pro™. A deluxe double T- track is installed in the table with one slot for 1/4" hex head bolts, and a second standard 3/4" miter slot for use with most miter gauges and jigs. With the double t-track you can add or create many different hold downs and jigs to expand the capabilities of this router table top.

PHENOLIC Router Table Top Features:

  • Deluxe Double T-Track with 1/4" and 3/4" slots (see detail photo)
  • Pre-Drilled for mounting our top of the line fence system, the "X1" Fence
  • Pre-Drilled for the 35" high x 26" wide x 22" deep Pro Router Table Stand which features sturdy, square tube steel legs.
  • Can be mounted to other stands.
  • PowerLift Pro® and U-Turn Router Lift Compatible

X1 PREMIUM Router Table Fence

Included in Packages #9620 and #9622.

The X1 fence is a significant upgrade to almost any router table!

Standing 4" tall, this fence mounts to any table that is 1/2" to 1-1/2" thick and from 24" to 32" wide. It is designed with a two track mounting system with adjustable rulers so you can set the fence to zero and make repetitive movements. The X1 "top mounted" ruler ensures that repetitive cuts or setting your stop block can be done with ease. The removable and fully adjustable fence faces are made of melamine coated heavy-duty MDF and fully edge banded for low friction and long life. Adjustments are made using locking knobs - no tools needed! The core of the X1 is anodized aluminum, with available t-slots to mount a stop block or almost any jig or accessory.

X1 Router Table Fence Features:

  • The X1 includes two 1/32" x 1/16" space bars, which offset the fence face, either 1/32" or 1/16". They're stored in the the fence for easy access when needed.
  • The X1 Dust Port is designed to accept a 2-1/4" or 2-1/2" vacuum hose
  • With very smooth action, repetitive movements, adjustable fence faces, open t-track, rulers, 2 offset bars, dust collection and a safety guard, the X1 fence has it all!

PREMIUM 3/8" Aluminum Router Insert Plate Kit

Included in Packages #9620 and #9622.

The 3/8" thick, 9-1/32" x 12-3/32" premium aluminum router insert plate is sized to fit all MLCS router tables that use a router insert plate and will support the heaviest of routers. Included with the plate are four leveling screws, a starter pin for routing curved pieces, and insert wrench. The plate has a 3-5/8" opening which can be reduced to 2" using the included insert ring which spins to lock in place. Included 4-piece locking insert ring set has openings of 1/4", 1/2", 1-3/8" (accepts template guide bushings) and 2-1/2".

PRO Router Table Stand

Included in Package #9620

This 35" high x 26" wide x 22" deep stand will work great with almost any router table top but is specially designed to work with U-Turn router lift, manufactured with a pre-drilled series of holes for the lift handle and lift handle support bushing guide. This stand is made of steel with non-slip adjustable feet. The stand mounts to the table top by simply using screws through the pre-drilled mounting holes on the stand.


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Top to Bottom PHENOLIC Router Table System Top to Bottom PHENOLIC Router Table System 9620 REG. $729.70
SALE $619.95
Detail Information

Top to Bottom Phenolic Router Table System #9620 includes:

Phenolic Table Top #9577

X1 Fence #9576

Premium Aluminum Router Plate Kit with 5 quick change Insert Rings #9621

Pro Table Stand #9565

PHENOLIC  Top, X1 Fence and PREMIUM Aluminum Plate Kit PHENOLIC Top, X1 Fence and PREMIUM Aluminum Plate Kit 9622 REG. $614.75
SALE $539.95
Detail Information

Phenolic Top, X1 Fence, and Premium Aluminum Router Plate Kit #9622 includes:

Phenolic Table Top #9577

X1 Fence #9576

Premium Aluminum Router Plate Kit with 5 quick change Insert Rings #9621

X1 Router Table Fence X1 Router Table Fence 9576 $219.95
No Image Available Phenolic Router Table Top with NO Plate 9577 $289.95

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