FLATBED Horizontal Router Table, Accessories and Combos by MLCS

Rout wide stock FLAT ON THE TABLE with tall router bits in the horizontal position!

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Don't stand stock on edge! Much safer and more accurate than standing wide stock on edge.

The multiple routing operation Horizontal Router Table makes tall auxiliary fences, multiple featherboards or jigs UNNECESSARY.

Quickly and easily make mortise & tenon joinery, raised panels with vertical raised panel bits, moldings and picture frames. Great for use with Architectural Molding Bits, Solid Carbide Spiral Bits and Vertical Raised Panel Bits.

Features micro adjustable bit height adjustments. 1/16" per turn allows for very precise adjustments: (1/4 turn = 1/64", 1/2 turn = 1/32", 3/4 turn = 3/64").

The table is 24" wide x 20" deep x 25" height with a sturdy 3/4" thick MDF core, durable melamine surface and polyethylene plastic edges. Now features a full extruded aluminum support structure.

3/4" thick MDF core with melamine surface extension fences, on both sides of the router plate give maximum support to long stock.

The 3/8" thick, 11-3/4" x 11-1/2" router plate is held in routing position by sturdy aluminum extrusions, along with two locking knobs which safely secure the sliding router plate in position.

Miter T-track fits a standard 3/8" x 3/4" miter bar or safety bar.

Use with 3 HP routers or less. Raise or lower your router up to 2-1/8" below or 2-3/8" above the table.

Raised Panel Door Instructions are included!

NOTE: Router, router bits, and foam storage are not included.

Using the Mortising Table Top Attachment:

Product Options

Image Description Item # Price    Qty
The The "Ultimate" Horizontal Table System 9771 REG. $454.80
SALE $404.95
Detail Information

The "Ultimate" Horizontal Router Table System #9771 includes:

Horizontal Router Table (#9767)

Premium Upgrade Kit (#9763)

Tilting Table Top (#9764)

Mortising Table Top (#9766)

The The "Premium" Horizontal Router Table 9761 $279.90
Detail Information

The "Premium" Horizontal Router Table System #9761 includes:

Horizontal Router Table (#9767)

Premium Upgrade Kit (#9763)

4 inch Dust Collection Port

Large Storage Drawer

The The "Original" Horizontal Router Table 9767 $209.95
Detail Information

The "Original" Horizontal Router Table #9767 includes:

Horizontal Router Table

Does not include dust port or drawer

Mortising Table Top Mortising Table Top 9766 $104.95
Detail Information

Our Mortising Table Top #9766 :

A safer, easier, and accurate way to cut mortise and tenon joinery!

The X-Y tables slide on aluminum t-tracks to insure straight, accurate cuts.

The thick accessory table features two t-tracks and includes a 90 degree stop block, a 45 degree stop block, and four hold down clamps.

Tilting Table Top Tilting Table Top 9764 $69.95
Detail Information

Our Tilting Table Top #9764:

Allows the ultimate flexibility in routing!

The table top tilts up to 45 degree, allowing you to create offset angles that can't be cut on a conventional 90 degree table surface.

Create custom chamfers using a straight router bit.

Cut spline joints on multi-sided objects.

Produce tapered moldings using crown molding or chair rail bits

The table top includes a miter t-track that fits a standard 3/8" x 3/4" miter bar or safety bar

Horizontal Router Table Premium Upgrade Kit Horizontal Router Table Premium Upgrade Kit 9763 $69.95
Detail Information

Our Horizontal Router Table Premium Kit #9763 :

The Premium Upgrade Kit greatly improves your routing experience with the MLCS *FLATBED* Horizontal Table.

The Cast-Aluminum Extension Handle makes height adjustments even easier. By adding this extra strong and extra long handle, the force required to make precision adjustments is much less then the original stock handwheel.

The premium upgrade kit includes everything you need to enclose the base of your horizontal table and make it dust collection ready. A 2-1/2" dust collection adaptor mounts to the side of the table. A back panel encloses the dust collection area and still allows for all height adjustments to be made.

A Large Storage Drawer has been added to the front of the table, with enough room to hold a large selection of router bits and router accessories.


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