Long Ranger Multi-Gate(TM) Switch System

Never forget to turn your dust collector on or off.

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Turning your dust collector on and off is automatic when your dust collector is wired to your blast gates.

  • Turn on your dust collector when you open a blast gate
  • Turn off your dust collector when you close the blast gate
  • Simple low voltage wiring and easy installation

This Long Ranger(TM) system includes a special relay box that your dust collector plugs into. The relay has terminals that you wire to the micro switches on the blast gates. The system is wired in parallel so opening a blast gate turns on your collector, but the dust collector won't turn off unless all of the gates in your shop are closed. Manual switches can be easily wired into the system so you can manually turn your dust collector on and off from anywhere in your shop.

Item #22465 includes a 220V Relay switch box, a switch enabled blast gate and 100 ft of hookup wire.

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220V Long Ranger Multi Switch Starter Set 22465 $64.95
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