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#418-0001 MITER CLIP

The simple but effective Miter Clip puts strong pressure at the glue joint.

Just apply glue to the mitered ends of the work pieces, align the corners, place the mitered corner joint in the alignment notch built in to the Miter Clip, squeeze the handles till they lock, apply your preferred corner fasteners, remove the Clip and you're done. You can move right on to the next corner!

The sharp metal points grab the corner securely and leave minimal marks. USA.

#418-0002 MITER AID

Accurately measuring mitered stock can be a tedious and painstaking process. However, the Miter Aid helps you get 45° cuts right the first time.

This lightweight, easy-to-store helper works perfectly for framing windows, trimming doors, and cutting picture frames.The spring clamp attachment to stock and easy slot attachment keep you from searching for an extra hand for your tape measure.

You can use the Miter Aid for both left and right hand 45° cuts. The built-in reveal fence helps you lay out dead-on 1/4" reveal lines. Measures both horizontal and vertical points. USA

COMBO Package Savings! SAVE $4! Kit #418-0000 Includes:

  • Miter Clip #418-0001
  • Miter Aid #418-0002

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MITER AID 418-0002 $14.99
Miter Clip and Miter Aid COMBO Package 418-0000 REG. $31.98
SALE $27.99
COMBO Package Savings!
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