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Accurate and easy to use. Each self-adhesive mylar rule features bold black markings in 1/16" graduations and a high-quality adhesive backing that sticks to any dry, clean surface area. Ideal for the workbench, table saw, radial arm saw, tool box or anywhere in your shop or home. USA


Use a one piece metal rule for a dimensional reference when applying the self adhesive rule. The self adhesive rule is designed to be stretched to accurately match the increments on a one piece metal rule. This process will ensure accuracy and prevent an accumulated error on the self adhesive rule when it is installed.

Product Options

Description Rule Direction Item # Price    Qty
2 Piece Set
1/4" Wide x 18" Long
Left to Right &
Right to Left
424-0010 $9.99
2 Piece Set
1/2" Wide x 18" Long
Left to Right &
Right to Left
424-0011 $10.99
1/2" Wide x 72" Long Left to Right 424-0024 $11.99
1/2" Wide x 72" Long Right to Left 424-0026 $11.99
1/2" Wide x 144" Long Left to Right 424-0020 $14.99
1/2" Wide x 144" Long Center Finder 424-0018 $14.99
2 Piece Set
3/4" Wide x 18" Long
Left to Right &
Right to Left
424-0012 $10.99
3/4" Wide x 48" Long Left to Right 424-0004 $14.99
3/4" Wide x 96" Long Right to Left 424-0009 $16.99

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