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Now you can adjust your tools properly and accurately for a fraction of the cost. These straight edges are great for checking surfaces for flatness and straightness or for checking two separate parts for alignment. At 1-7/16" wide and 3/16" thick, they are extremely durable and straight (0.0005" per inch). The bevel "knife edge" makes it easy to use and is marked machinist's style in standard decimal inches while the opposite edge is square and perfectly parallel.

Product Options

Description Item # Price    Qty
12" Straight Edge 424-2012 $29.99
24" Straight Edge 424-2024 $44.99
36" Straight Edge 424-2032 $84.99
3-Piece Straight Edge Set: 12", 24", 36" 424-2045 REG. $124.97
SALE $119.95

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