Deulen Jointer / Planer Knife Sharpeners

Get sharp blades for the rest of your life in just minutes
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Stop losing time and money sending your jointer and planer knives out for offsite sharpening.

Deulen sharpeners are designed to allow anyone with no previous sharpening experience the ability to consistently achieve razor sharp jointer and planer knives, on site, in just minutes. There are no power tools, measuring tools or angle adjustments required.

Simply remove the cutting knives from your tool and insert them into the sharpening jig. Make few passes across different grits of sand paper (80, 120, 150, 180, 220, 400) on a flat surface (tempered glass, granite, etc.) to achieve a small micro bevel and you are done.

This quick, simple, and inexpensive process gets you back to work in no time. Remember, sharp blades create less drag and friction and will save you on expensive material waste due to tear-out from dull blades.

Made of Solid Exotic Hardwood, Brass, and Stainless Steel. USA.

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2 reviews
WOW! These are Fantastic! by ()
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I'm one of those guys that try's every new gimmick and "thigamabob" that comes along. I've got a drawer full of them. When I saw this online I thought the same thing. Boy was I wrong. Mr.Deulen says in his instructional DVD that a "smart monkey" can do it and he's exactly right. It really is that easy. Just clamp the blades into the holder and follow his directions and in a matter of minutes you can literally shave with them (if you want). I can't stress how simple this system is. It really is fool proof. He used a piece of 3/8" glass (I believe) to attach the sandpaper too but I had a piece of 1/8" plywood in my shop it worked just fine. I attached my sandpaper to it and sharpened away. A word of warning. I know it's been said a bunch before but be very careful when handling the blades when done. I can't stress enough just how sharp you will get them. I speak from experience believe me.

You've Gotta Get One! by ()
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At first I was skeptical. I'm really sick and tired of buying tools that don't work. I already have drawers full of sharpening stuff that don't work the way it's supposed to. So I went to the 2010 International Woodworking Fair here in Atlanta, Georgia in August mainly to see if this sharpener really works before I buy it! The Inventor and Maker(Dan Deulen) was there running his own booth. Without any pre-notice I asked if he would demonstrate on some of my (disposable) Rigid 13-1/2" Planer knives that were totally trashed on the spot, in front of everyone. He said with a smile: "Thank you for bringing them into the show. This is the best way to show everyone how easy it is to sharpen Jointer and Planer knives with my tool". While I was getting my knives sharpened by "Dan" for free! Fine Woodworking Magazine stopped by to congradulate him on his success. He drew a crowd while sharpening my knives and sold several Jigs(including mine). As I was leaving "Wood Magazine" showed up with a movie camera and asked him if they could shoot a live video as he demonstrated on another set for someone and still took the time to smile and say: "Thanks Derrick I couldn't have done it without your help". I took my knives home, put them in my planer and got out that piece of ruff-sawn rosewood I've been saving and Wow! It was absolutely beautiful after I planed it. What a difference. This man Dan and his sharpener are the real deal. If you don't believe me call him up. He openly gives his address and cell phone# and say's "call if you have any problems or compliments on his invention, especially compliments". Derrick Olsen

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Assorted 6 Pack of Sandpaper 440-0813 $8.99
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