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Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps

Clamp different thicknesses of wood without making any adjustments!

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Clamp different thicknesses of wood without making any adjustments!

Auto-Adjusting: These revolutionary Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps maintain constant clamping pressure while automatically adjusting to different workpiece thicknesses. 7/8" diameter clamping pads have a non-marring plastic cap to avoid damaging your workpiece.

Adjustable Clamping Force: Easily set the exact desired clamping pressure with a simple screw at the base of the operating handle. A Locking Nut secures the setting for use. Applied clamping for of 25 to 550 lbs. with a maximum holding capacity of 700 lbs.

Due to their versatility, one BESSEY® Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp can replace a whole range of competitors' clamps.

Horizontal Toggle/Side (Front) Vertical Base (#448-2106): Straight vertical base for side-mounting. (Bessey® STC-HAxx Models)

Inline Toggle/Horizontal Base (#448-2107): Push/Pull Clamping Action. Horizontal flanged base for top-mounting. (Bessey® STC-IHHxx Models)

Inline Toggle/Side (Front) Vertical Base (#448-2108): Push/Pull Clamping Action. Straight vertical base for side-mounting. (Bessey® STC-IHAxx Models)


  Item #448-2106 to #448-2108
Clamping Force 25-250 lbs.
Maximum Load 450 lbs.

Product Options

Bessey Model # Capacity Clamp Position Mounting Position Item # Price    Qty
STC-HA20 0 to 13/16" Horizontal Side/Front Vertical Base 448-2106 REG. $18.99
SALE $17.99
STC-IHH15 0 to 3/8" Inline Horizontal Base 448-2107 REG. $19.99
SALE $16.99
STC-IHA15 0 to 3/8" Inline Side/Front Vertical Base 448-2108 REG. $19.99
SALE $16.99
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