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Denker HD 5/8" Rotary Carver

The most efficient and economical power carving tool available

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Designed to rapidly remove large amounts of wood material, these tools are great for hollowing logs to create custom bowls, trays and carvings. The hard steel tubular cutters slice away as much or as little material as the circular cutting edge can touch. They cut even the toughest hardwood, knots, and end grain.

  • Unlike any other cutter you have ever put in your 5/8" angle-head grinder
  • Safer than a dangerous disk with chainsaw teeth or an abrasive donut
  • Will not load-up like other cutters because it makes 200 clean chips per second with no dust
  • Cutter is safe and does not grab and kick back like other rough carvers.
  • Cutter is balanced and under 1-inch diameter, so it operates safely and quietly at the full speed
  • 62 RHC hardened steel tubular cutter holds its sharp edge far better than most traditional tools

The tubular hardened steel cutter can be rotated to use their entire circular edge before sharpening. Sharpening can be done in seconds with the furnished arbor using any bench grinder or abrasive wheel. USA

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Denker XD 5/8" - 11 UNC 468-3354 $69.99
Replacment 7/8" ID Cutting Tube For 5/8" Rotary Carver 468-3364 $9.99

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