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Air Plugs and Couplers

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As air line interchanges became popular in the automotive industry, different manufacturers developed their own styles in an attempt to capture the market. As a result, various incompatible, yet nearly identical looking types emerged. To be able to recognize each type, you would have to memorize the bands on all the coupler sleeves and the shapes of all the plugs.

Now, with ColorConnex color coding system it easy to connect the correct tool to a specific dedicated hose line. Color coding eliminates tool contamination and takes the guess work out of trying to determine which tool goes to which coupler or plug. Now you can quickly and easily separate and identify lubricated "wet" lines for air tools and filtered "dry" lines for paint guns or dedicated nitrogen lines for tire inflators.

Coupler and Plug Specifications:

  • Color: Red
  • Body Series: 1/4"
  • Type: Type D (Industrial)
  • Thread: 1/4" NPT

WARNING: Use only on compressed air lines at a maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI. For safety, do not exceed the pressure limitation of the hose and/or air-operated device you are using. These products are not designed for use with fluids, for non-industrial applications or for life support systems. Failure to follow these directions exactly may results in personal injury or property damage.

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Industrial Coupler 1/4" FNPT Red 480-2006 $6.99
Industrial Plug 1/4" FNPT Red 2-Pack 480-2008 $3.99

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