Kwik Blocks - Stile & Rail by MLCS

Take the guess work out of router bit set-up!

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Pre-cut Block allows you to quickly determine the proper cutting height setting. No more trial and error cuts, wasted material, or tedious micro-adjustments. Simply rest a Kwik Block flat on your router table top surface and adjust bit height until it properly mates the profile of the Kwik Block. Each block measures 3" long x 2" wide x 3/4" thick and is made from durable polyethylene material that will not distort or swell. Intended for use with the following Eagle America brand router bits when routing 3/4" thick material, except 486-1850 and 486-1851 which are for 1/2" material.

Product Options

Profile Used For Bit # Item # Price    Qty
Roman Ogee P15-3820 or P15-3825 486-1825 $10.99
Ogee P15-3818 486-1823 $10.99
Cove & Bead P15-3820 or P15-3825 486-1822 $10.99
Bevel P15-3819 486-1824 $10.99
Round P15-3821 or P15-3829 486-1826 $10.99
Bead P15-3822 486-1827 $10.99
15° Bevel 185-0500 or P15-3841 486-1861 $10.99
Cove P15-3840 486-1831 $10.99
Southwestern P15-3839 486-1830 $10.99
Double Round P15-3842 486-1829 $10.99
Roman Ogee 185-0710 or P15-3823 486-1851 $10.99
Round 185-0810 or P15-3824 486-1850 $10.99
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