Set-Up Blocks for Lock Miter Bits by MLCS

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Get your router bits set to the correct height and running in just seconds! Pre-cut profiles allow you to quickly determine the proper height setting on MLCS router bits. No more trial and error cuts, wasted material, or tedious micro-adjustments.

Simply rest a Set-up Block flat on your router table top surface and adjust height of cutter until it properly mates the profile of the block. Your bit is now at its proper height setting. It's that easy!

Each piece is made from durable ultra high molecular weight plastic that will not distort or swell.

Intended for use with MLCS brand router bits (listed below) when routing stock sizes as indicated.

Product Options

For Stock Size Used With Bit # Item # Price    Qty
1/2" & 3/4" 5547, 7847, old P16-4028 #9750
(Old/Eagle 486-1837)
1/2" & 3/4" 5548, 7849, old P16-4023 or P16-4024 #9751
(Old/Eagle 486-1838)
3/4" 7850, old P16-4026 #9753
(Old/Eagle 486-1925)
3/4" 17850 9754 $12.95
1/2" & 11/16" 17849 9755 $12.95
3/4" 7740 9756 $12.95

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