CENTIPEDE Sawhorse K100 & Accessories by CENTIPEDE

Folds Small. Holds up to 1500 lbs.

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The ultimate portable work support system - A heavy duty table/workbench base or saw stand that sets up in seconds without assembly and folds down into a compact, lightweight unit for easy transport and convenient storage.


  • Intelligent Design, Durable Construction
  • Multiple steel struts moved in tandem
  • Support thin materials without sagging
  • Heavy overall weight capacity
  • Flat steel cross bars ensure smooth, enduring operation
  • Set up and take down in seconds
  • Compact portability

The Centipede™ Sawhorse supports sheet lumber and table tops with 6 struts over a 2' by 4' area, is rated for 1,500 pounds, and folds down to 6" x 9".

Durable polymer P-Tops atop each point of contact provide a work surface that won't mark loads while avoiding contact damage between cutting blades and steel struts. Each P-Top is replaceable and spins 360 degrees to accommodate use of the included Quick Clamps, designed to keep materials in place, and X-Cups, which conveniently accommodate standard 2x4s for drop-in setup. Each kit comes in a carry/storage bag.

Each Item #492-3000 Centipede Sawhorse K100 includes Folding Sawhorse, 4 X-Cups, 2 Quick Clamps, and 1 Carry/Storage Bag. Weighs 12.6 lbs.

#492-3010 P-Top Assembly Set 3 Pc.:

  • Replaceable polymer pads protect load, blade and struts from damage
  • Avoid contact damage between saw blade and steel strut
  • Replace damaged P-Tops, not the whole unit
  • Will not mark project board
  • Spins 360° for positioning included and other accessories

#492-3011 X-Cup Set 2 Pc.:

  • 2X4 drop-in supports for quick sawhorse setup
  • Holds standard 2' x 4' boards in place
  • Quick cuts without clamps
  • Provided with kits and as an accessory
  • Never go without

#492-3012 Quick Clamp Set 2 Pc.:

  • Tension clamping system holds boards and table or bench tops in place
  • Soft overmold provides maximum wedge tension
  • Hold boards for cuts and work tops in place for stability
  • Provided with kits and as an accessory
  • Never go without

#492-3018 Standard Carry Bag for K1 Models:

  • Protected storage and convenient portability for endless possibilities
  • Rugged canvas carry bag for transport and storage
  • Room for accessories and extras
  • Zips shut to keep the elements out

Product Options

Description Item # Price    Qty
CENTIPEDE Sawhorse K100 492-3000 REG. $99.99
SALE $79.99
CENTIPEDE 3 Pc. P-Top Assembly Set #A0103 492-3010 $6.99
CENTIPEDE 2 Pc. X-Cup Set #A0202 492-3011 $4.99
CENTIPEDE 2 Pc. Quick Clamp Set #A0302 492-3012 $7.99
CENTIPEDE 2 Pc. Hang Hook Set #A0402 492-3013 $4.99
CENTIPEDE 6 Pc. Worktop Riser Assembly Set #A0505 492-3014 $20.99
CENTIPEDE 15 Pc. Worktop Riser Assembly Set #A0515 492-3015 $39.99
CENTIPEDE 6 Pc. Non-Slip Pad Set #A0606 492-3016 $10.99
CENTIPEDE 15 Pc. Non-Slip Pad Set #A0615 492-3017 $20.99
CENTIPEDE Standard Carry Bag for K1 Models #C0100 492-3018 $14.99
CENTIPEDE Carry Strap for K1 Models #C0101 492-3020 $9.99

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