"ADVANTAGE" Saw Blades

C4 Micro-grain Carbide Industrial Saw Blades

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Featuring a Laser Cut High Strength Steel body with extra large teeth. More than twice the amount of carbide per tooth over most competitors. These high-quality blades can be re-sharpened many times. Made with Silver-Copper-Silver tri-metal brazing.

Item #601-9103 Combination Saw Blade:

Great for Ripping and Cross-cutting all woods. The teeth consist of 4 ATB and 1 flat raker. Large gullets allow for more aggressive cuts and greater chip ejection.

  • 50 Extra Large Teeth
  • 10" Diameter • ATB+R
  • Kerf: .135" • Hook: 10°
  • Bevel: 10° • Bore: 5/8"
  • Plate Thickness .095"

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10" Combination Saw Blade 601-9103 $55.95
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