Ultimate Cut Off Table Saw Blades by FREUD

Ultimate crosscutting blades for glass-smooth finishes

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This superior blade gives glass-smooth finishes when crosscutting hard and soft woods, so no sanding is required. What makes this blade so special is the unique side grinding of each tooth. The teeth actually polish the material as it cuts. New laser-cut anti-vibration slots practically eliminate the vibration that resonates in standard blades, producing glass-smooth finishes. With a finish this perfect you won't need stabilizers!

Product Options

Freud # Diameter # of Teeth Arbor Kerf Perma-Shield Coating Item # Price    Qty
LU85R008 8" 64 ATB 5/8" .116 Yes 602-8508 $64.99
LU85R010 10" 80 ATB 5/8" .116 Yes 602-8510 $84.99
LU85R012 12" 96 ATB 1" .116 Yes 602-8512 $124.99

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