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MLCS Coin Size Forstner Bit Set makes perfect-sized mounting holes for every coin in your collection.

A mounted coin collection makes a great gift.

No matter what coin you collect, from the Lincoln penny to State Quarters to the Presidential Dollar Coin, you can now drill the right hole to safely secure it in your handcrafted mounting.

Bit Features:

Made from Premium Steel

Featuring exclusive No-Slip hex shanks.

Sharp outer spur creates a clean rim.

NOTE: The Set does NOT contain a Forstner bit for a full silver dollar coin.

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Coin Size Forstner Bit Set - 6 piece Set Coin Size Forstner Bit Set - 6 piece Set 9275H $29.95
Detail Information

Coin Size Forstner Bit 6 piece Set #9275H includes:

19.1mm (for pennies)

21.3mm (for nickels)

18mm (for dimes)

24.1mm (for quarters)

30.6mm (for half dollars)

26.6mm (for dollars)

NOTE: The set does NOT contain a forstner bit for a full silver dollar coin.

Hex Shank Forstner Bit 3/4 3/4" (19.1mm for pennies) 9209H $7.95
Hex Shank Forstner Bit 21.3mm (for nickels) 27/32" (21.3mm for nickels) 9272H $7.95
Hex Shank Forstner Bit 18mm (for dimes) 45/64" (18mm for dimes) 9271H $9.95
Hex Shank Forstner Bit 24.1mm (quarters) 61/64" (24.1mm for quarters) 9260H $8.95
Hex Shank Forstner Bit 30.6mm (for half dollars) 1-13/64" (30.6mm for half dollar coins) 9274H $9.95
Hex Shank Forstner Bit 26.6mm (for dollar coin) 1-3/64" (26.6mm for dollar coin) 9273H $8.95
NOTE: This Forstner bit does NOT work for a full silver dollar coin.
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