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MLCS Straight Plunge Router Bits with Carbide Bottom Cutter means there is no need to drill a hole before cutting.

Carbide center bottom cutting tip for plunge cutting.

No need to drill a hole before cutting.

These bits are ideal for routing stepped dadoes, mortising, or interior cut out work.

Use to plane edges, cut grooves, rabbets, slots, etc.

2 flute, carbide tipped

The MLCS Difference

The MLCS Brand was created for the cost conscience woodworker who needs a quality router bit that has a very good cut, good durability, good longevity but still has a great price.

3 Year Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Bits are milled from solid steel bodies and are precision ground by CNC machines to tolerances of +/-.005.

Carbide tips are diamond honed up to a 400-grit for a mirror finish with razor sharp edges.

High hook and shear angle designs are used to allow the bits to slice through the wood for a clean, fast and chatter free chip removal.

Anti-Kickback safety designs are used in bits that are 3/4" in diameter or greater.

Bodies are heat treated for strength and durability.

Non-stick PTFE coating applied to prevent pitch and resin build-up.

PRICE - These bits are up to 70% less then you will find elsewhere.

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Features Shank
Item # Price    Qty
3/8" 1" 2-1/4" P 1/4" 5451 $8.95
1/2" 1" 2-1/4" P 1/4" 5453 $9.95
3/4" 1" 2-1/4" P 1/4" 5455 $12.95
3/8" 1" 2-1/2" P 1/2" 7751 $9.95
1/2" 1" 2-1/2" P 1/2" 7753 $12.95
23/32" 1" 2-1/2" P 1/2" 7754 $14.95
3/4" 1" 2-1/2" P 1/2" 7755 $14.95
1" 1" 2-1/2" P 1/2" 7756 $15.95
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