Drawer Lock Router Bits by MLCS

Attach sides to front of drawer

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These bits will produce a strong, durable, and perfectly mating glue joint every time. Use them for gluing drawer fronts and sides together as well as larger stock such as table tops and panels. Mill drawer fronts horizontally on router table and the sides vertically against your fence to produce locking joints. Only one set-up required. Great for making drawer slides too!

All bits two flute, carbide tipped.

Minimum drawer stock thickness: For #7851 it is 3/8" for sides and 5/8" for front. For #5552/#7852 it is 1/2" for both drawer sides and front.

Use in a router table only.

Drawer Lock Bits Instructions

Product Options

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Drawer Lock Router Bit 1/2 A 1/2" - 3/4" 3/4" 1/2" 1-7/8" 1/4" 5552 $25.00
Drawer Lock  Router Bit 1/2 A 1/2" - 3/4" 1-3/4" 1/2" 2" 1/2" 7852 $30.00
Drawer Lock Router Bit 3/4 B 1/2"- Any 1-1/4" 3/4" 2-7/8" 1/2" 7851 $30.00
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