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Storganizer Router Table Storage turns dead space under your router table into tool storage and organization

Simple to install, quick to configure and easy to change.

Heavy duty storage solution for router table, sander, drill press, table saw, lathe or any tool with an open leg stand.

Hang your miter gauge and keep collets, bearings, plate rings and wrenches at your finger tips

Keep all the router bits at the router table

Mount a remote power switch exactly where you want it.

Product Options

Image Image ID Description Item # Price    Qty
Universal Mounting Clamp A Universal Mounting Clamp 9991 $15.95
Works on up to 2" thick square tube stands

Universal Mounting Heavy Duty Bracket B Universal Mounting Heavy Duty Bracket 9997 $49.95
Detail Information

Mount up to 3 accessories across the opening of the stand.

Mounts to 16" to 24" spaced legs and uprights (requires 2 mounting clamps

Miter Gauge Hanger C Miter Gauge Hanger 9992 REG. $14.95
SALE $9.95
Requires 1 mounting Clamp

Power Switch Mounting Bracket D Power Switch Mounting Bracket 9993 $19.95
Requires 1 mounting Clamp

Router Bit Storage Rack E Router Bit Storage Rack 9994 $49.95
Detail Information

Holds 35 Bits

mounts to stands with 16" to 24" spaced legs and uprights

Requires 2 Mounting Clamps

Collet and Tool Tray F Collet and Tool Tray 9995 REG. $27.95
SALE $24.95
Detail Information

Rubber coated for a non slip surface

Holds 1/4" and 1/2" collets, allen keys, bearings and Bit Vise

Requires 1 Mounting Clamp

Ring and Wrench Tray G Ring and Wrench Tray 9996 $24.95
Detail Information

Holds a full set of Router Plate Insert Rings, Insert Ring Wrench, and a set of Collet Wrenches

Requires 1 Mounting Clamp

Universal Tool Tray H Universal Tool Tray 9998 $39.95
Requires 2 Mounting Clamps

Universal Deep Tool Tray i Universal Deep Tool Tray 9999 $49.95
Requires 2 Mounting Clamps

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