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K-Premium Cabinet Maker Router Bits 5 piece Set with Ogee Profile make beautiful and strong raised panel doors and drawers. The raised panel bit includes an undercutter.

Raised Panel Router Bit with Undercutter makes a flush or reduced upper panel profile, or adds a radius to the back of the panel. 3-1/8" large diameter.

Matched Rail and Stile 2 Piece Router Bit Sets create precise rails and stiles that form the durable door frame. Use with 3/4" stock.

Glue Joint Router Bit: when the panel needs to be wider than your stock, mill two or more pieces of stock with reverse cut edge joints to achieve the needed width. Assemble, glue up, and your panel is ready to be raised.

Drawer Lock Router Bit cuts the drawer front and the drawer side for a perfectly matched, long lasting, extremely strong joint.

All Router Bits are 1/2" Shank

Lifetime Guarantee: Against Defects in workmanship and materials.

Micro-grain carbide: Premium fine grain carbide yields a longer cutting life, and allows multiple resharpenings.

High Hook & Shear angles: Allows cutter to slice smoothly into stock, producing the cleanest, splinter free cuts.

Anti-kickback design: Round shoulder between cutters drastically reduces the chance of kickback.

Non-stick coating: Baked on heat resistant coating prevents sawdust, resin and pitch build-up.

Safety Gauge Shank: Lines etched on the shank help you seat the bit in the router collet.

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