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K-Premium Lock Miter, Drawer Lock, Glue Joint Router Bits 3 pc Set is a great 3 jointmaker set; It has the router bits to make lock miter joints, drawer lock joints and glue joints all in one set.

Glue Joint Bit #18846: makes a reversible glue joint that has a 50% greater glue surface than a butt joint. 1-1/2" LD. For stock up to 1-1/4"

Drawer Lock Bit #18850: attaches sides to front of drawer with strong, perfectly mating glue joints. 2" LD. Minimum stock thickness 3/8" for drawer sides and 1/2" for drawer front.

Lock Miter Bit #17850: joins materials by cutting a 45° miter and a matching tongue & groove joint. 2-3/4" LD. For 5/8" to 1-1/16" thick Stock

2 flute, carbide-tipped. 1/2" shank

Glue Joint Bit #18846  Setup Block #9781
Drawer Lock Bit #18850  Setup Block #9784
Lock Miter Bit #17850  Setup Block #9754

Lifetime Guarantee: Against Defects in workmanship and materials.

Micro-grain carbide: Premium fine grain carbide yields a longer cutting life, and allows multiple resharpenings.

High Hook & Shear angles: Allows cutter to slice smoothly into stock, producing the cleanest, splinter free cuts.

Anti-kickback design: Round shoulder between cutters drastically reduces the chance of kickback.

Non-stick coating: Baked on heat resistant coating prevents sawdust, resin and pitch build-up.

Safety Gauge Shank: Lines etched on the shank help you seat the bit in the router collet.

Glue Joint How-To Video:

Drawer Lock How-To Video:

Lock Miter How-To Video:

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