Pro Cabinet Maker Router Bits Sets - 6 Piece Package by MLCS

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MLCS Holiday Package #1569

Includes the following:

  • 6 pc Raised Panel Cabinet Maker Router Bit Set
  • Raised Panel Calculator CD
  • Ogee Rail and Stile Setup Blocks
  • Glue Joint Setup Blocks
  • Drawer Lock Setup Block

Make beautiful and strong rail and stile frame raised panel doors and drawers!

Make authentic, classic rail and stile frame raised panel doors and drawers. This professional quality set contains six carbide tipped bits needed for cabinet making, raised panel doors, table tops and drawer assembly. These 1/2" shank bits are capable of creating fine furniture or custom cabinetry for a kitchen. Designed for up to 3/4" wood thickness. Set #8389 has the same bits as #8387 except the Ogee Raised Panel Bit has an Undercutter which allows you to produce flush panels, or reduces the exposed upper panel profile. Includes wood storage box.

SETS INCLUDE the following 1/2" Shank Router Bits:

  • Ogee Raised Panel Router Bit with Undercutter (*in Undercutter Set #8389 only) produces a flush or reduced upper panel profile, or adds a radius to the back of the panel. (3-1/8" Large Diameter)
  • Ogee Raised Panel Router Bit (*in Standard Set #8387 only) puts a classic "ogee" edge on the floating panel in your door. (2-3/4" Large Diameter)
  • Ogee Raised Panel 2 Piece Matched Router Bit Set creates a precisely mated joint that forms an extremely strong "classic" frame for your door. (Both Bits 1-5/8" Large Diameter)
  • Round Over & Ogee Door Lip Router Bit finishes your door edge professionally in one pass (1-1/4" Large Diameter)
  • When the central panel needs to be wider than your stock, use the Glue Joint Router Bit (with reverse cut edge joints) to mill two or more pieces of stock (1‑1/4" max.) to reach the required width. Glue it up, then raise the panel. (1-3/4" Large Diameter)
  • Drawer Lock Router Bit creates a strong, long lasting joint that fits precisely because one bit makes the cut in the drawer front, and the side of the drawer, so both pieces fit perfectly. (1-3/4" Large Diameter)

All Cabinetmaking router bits are intended for router table use only.

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